Joel - Passport

Business people would call me a geek. Artistic people would call me rigid. Technology people would call me a peer–but only if I agreed with their thoughts. Otherwise, they’d eviscerate me in one form or another. Engineering people would call me imprecise. My friends and family call me Joel.

I’ve worked in the technology field for most of my working career. I’ve considered technology a hobby for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I thought that taking apart my dad’s electronic gadgets was fun. Putting them back together? Not so much.

I’ve had a very fortunate career path that literally allowed me to mature, as technology matured. My background spans hardware, software, and networking. I had no favorite, but I did feel more fulfilled seeing a software solution I’d written help a business achieve results. My first commercial application was used by an attorney referral service. It was a multiuser application that was used to assign attorneys to callers based on the fees the attorneys paid to the referral service. And, since those were the days where there weren’t consulting firms aplenty, I assembled their workstations and servers. And, to top it off, I networked all of them. They used that solution for about six years. It’s probably due more to them being cheap, rather than me having such an awesome solution.

I live in a Los Angeles, California suburb. I have a great dog named Diesel; he isn’t a rescue dog, but he did sort of end up in my home by chance. I was asked to watch him a couple of weeks by my ex. That was six years ago. Enough about that.

My career has progressed to the point where I am fortunate enough to lead technologies that can do things I never dreamed of doing. It’s a great place to be in my career: Working with talented people who love technology as much as I do.

I hope that those reading this blog will find something useful. I’ll try not to bore those who choose to be here. A warning, however. This is a technology site. I’m going to talk about all things technology. To be clear, my view of “technology” might just be a bit wider than others. I see planes and cars as technology as well. Forty years ago, they wouldn’t have had such a clean fit in this realm. Now, however, I think they fit nicely. What is my definition of technology? Pretty much, anything that has a power source. 🙂

So, sit back and enjoy the gab…