This isn’t my first attempt at a useful blog. I’m happy to say it’s not my 20th, either. The same can’t be said for the number of domains I “own.” They all seemed like great ideas when first registered. But, then the reality set in; it was up to me to keep them alive and well. When I was growing up, I had several attempts at goldfish too. Ultimately, my parents owned the chore of cleaning the water. But I digress.

The goal of this blog is to bring my observations, opinions, and ideas regarding technology to others. As anyone in technology will likely confess, there are often multiple views about any given subject. While I might think my views are the best, the reality is that they’re probably not the best. I have no illusion that I have some deep insight that someone else hasn’t already considered. Rather, I bring forward my own experiences, or those I’ve vetted to others. If I have an opinion on something, I’ll make it pretty clear that it’s an opinion. I do not plan to express an opinion as fact. That would negate the usefulness of this blog.

It’s also important to say that my experiences for any given device, technology, concept, etc., are based on my perception of their applications. I could say, for example, that there is no future for film cameras. But I am not a photographer, and I’m not into photography so much that I have a deep enough understanding to cite any data that would back my comment. Purists would say that digital photography still has a long way to go before it can approach the quality of film, and certainly the artistic “flavor” that film supports. I couldn’t disagree with those arguments.

One thing I can guarantee is that there will be diversity in what I discuss. Beyond my background (which as noted in my brief bio is diverse), I am learning something every day. I try new technologies and products regularly. If there is one hope I have, it is that others will find some usefulness in what I’ve found. And, with any luck, I save them an expense they might have otherwise incurred.